Infidelity Recovery Kit

Infidelity Recovery Kit

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Are you having problems with....

1. Getting rid of bitterness and resentment you feel from past hurts.

2. Silencing negative thoughts and managing your emotions.

3. Feeling anxious and worrying about situations that are out of your control.

4. Controlling your tempter and feeling disconnected from your husband.

5. Experiencing constant peace, but, don't know where to start.

Then a copy of the "Infidelity Recovery Kit" is perfect for you.

The Infidelity Recovery Kit Includes the:  How To Rebuild Trust After An Affair Masterclass

During this masterclass recording, I break down the struggle and make it easy for you to:

  1. Take the steps towards reconciliation and reconnecting with your husband.

  2. Establish safe boundaries and expectations for your marriage.

  3. Effectively handle those days when you doubt your marriage can be healed.

  4. Consistently reconnect with God and experience joy in your marriage again.

  5. Finally, move forward and rebuild your marriage stronger than before.

You'll receive lifetime access to the video recording of this 2-hour masterclass.

The Infidelity Recovery Kit also includes The Breakthrough 2.0 Guide which is perfectly aligned with the "5 Secrets To Overcoming Infidelity" masterclass.  You will SPEED UP your emotional and mental healing so you can protect your marriage from future pain!

The Breakthrough 2.0 Guide includes:

1. A daily video to help you speed up the healing process, enhance your understanding, and fully embrace peace.

2. Strategies that increase your ability to break through mental and emotional blocks.

3. A simple, yet POWERFUL method to keep your husband from making mistakes that overwhelm you.

4. Virtually eliminate issues that have tried to prevent you from restoring your marriage.

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